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Types of Art Exhibitions You Should Attend

If you’re an art lover, then you knows how important it is to attend exhibitions. Not only do they give you a chance to see new artwork, but they also allow you to meet other like-minded people. But with so many different types of art exhibitions out there, it can […]

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The Many Benefits of Creating Art

Have you ever felt like you needed an outlet to express yourself but didn’t know how? You may have tried other outlets like writing or coding, but nothing seems to fit quite right. If this sounds like you, creating art might be your perfect outlet! Not only is creating art […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Body Painting

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra excitement to your next party or want to transform yourself into a work of art, body painting is a fun and unique way to express yourself. If you’ve never tried body painting before, don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it […]